5 Amazing Reasons to Add Virtual Queuing to Your Contact Center

Virtual queuing is a powerful technology that can benefit your contact center in many ways. Find out how an increasing number of companies are using this technology to:

  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Reducing Abandon Rate
  • Improving First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • And So Much More

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Improve the Customer Experience-01

the Customer Experience

Create a better experience and increase customer loyalty by eliminating hold time.

Call-backs reduces spikes in call volume-01

Reduce Spikes in
Call Volume

Improve contact center productivity and reduce the need to hire additional resources.

lower abandon rates 32-01

Lower Abandon Rates

Reduce complaints and build trust with your customers by decreasing Abandonment Rates.


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What Our Clients Say

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Virag Solanki

Virag Solanki
Leader, Reliance Teleservices, Reliance Home Comfort

"During times of high volumes, the Fonolo technology delivers another option for improved customer experience with the choice of a call-back rather than waiting in queue. We look forward to our continued partnership with Fonolo."

Bill MacBride

Bill MacBride
SVP, Customer Care Operations, Nutrisystem

"The most rewarding aspect of utilizing Fonolo has been our customer’s reaction to the option; it’s been very positive. Happy customers help increase brand loyalty and the bottom line!"

Ricardo Mejia

Ricardo Meija
CP, Centralized Services, First Service Credit Union

"A call-back service is a must-have. People deserve a call-back option so they can continue on with their lives."

Laura Reinhold

Laura Reinhold
Director, Member Service Contact Center, Credit Union of Colorado

"Fonolo’s commitment to setting us up for success is amazing! Their team truly cares and acts as a quality business partner."